American Blackjack

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As the name implies, American Blackjack differs from other versions in the exposure of dealer’s card. Unlike ordinary blackjack games, American Blackjack exposes all the cards of dealer. You will be able to see both cards of the dealer and it makes a slight difference in game strategy. It may look like you have an upper hand on the game, but actually the house edge is huge. Players get too excited and lose their concentration in most of the games.

Unique Nature Of American Blackjack

In a classical blackjack game, no one will hit the play if he has a hand value near 21. In double exposure black jack, you have to hit the game if dealer has a value of 20. In most cases, the player loses his money. You can win this game with the help of luck, but practically double exposure black jack is a strong house edge game. Chances of busting are greater in this version of blackjack. Usual pay out is ‘3 to 2’, but American Blackjack follows ‘even money’ payout option.

Superfluous Moves In American Blackjack

You can use some simple techniques to win American Blackjack. You can easily identify the possibilities of black jack from dealer’s exposed card. It will help you to place ‘insurance bets’ for escaping from the possible threats. You need calm and cool mind in order to obtain a steady result. Winning more does not represent a profitable game. Therefore, you have to implement your strategies carefully.

Special Rules Of American Blackjack

There are some special rules for American Blackjack. Your opportunity to ‘double’ and ‘split’ is restricted by these rules. Players will not be able to play ‘double’ in simple totals. Double betting is only allowed in hard totals such as 9, 10, and 11. You will be able to re-split each hand after splitting, which can help you to play even four hands. You can use only one card to split aces, but the ‘split ace’ cannot give blackjack even with a face card. You have to place additional bets in order to play double and split moves. The dealer will hit at ‘soft 17’ in the American Blackjack game.

Tied Blackjack

Like all the other versions of blackjack, scores will tie if both the player and dealer settle for a blackjack. The hand comparison is also slightly differs in American Blackjack. House will not push the tied hands like in the usual black jack game. You can win the black jack, even if it is tied. Usual ties will go in favor of the dealer. All these rules and regulation creates a massive house edge for American Blackjack. You can get ‘even money payment’ if you win the game. Players are allowed to split only once in the game and there are no restrictions for doubling after a split. Every casino has their special rules and regulations. You need utmost concentration in order to win the American Blackjack game.

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