Casino War

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One of the simplest games is Casino War. It is a game that is reminiscent of a card game for children. Here each of the players pits one card against the other. Whichever card has the highest value wins the game. Usually the cards are valued as per their face values where the number two is the lowest and the ace is the highest value. The game is usually played with one to six of the standard card packs. The game is played online where the decks are shuffled after every hand is dealt out. This game can be played by anyone. You can try out this game on our site. It is an entertaining and addictive game. The online guide or the FAQs section will allow one to know the rules of the game in no time. To know how the game is played, check out the simple instructions below. Once you have mastered the game, you can move onto more challenging variations of the game.

So How Do You Play The Game Casino War?

  • Here both the dealer as well as the player is dealt a card. Whoever receives the card with the highest value usually wins that hand.
  • The suits of the cards usually do not matter. The player can even receive money on the wager if he or she wins.

What happens when ties happen or how does one go to war? Well, in the following paragraph, these points are explored.

  • Suppose a situation arises where both the dealer as well as the player are given cards which are of the same value. The player may then choose to surrender or forfeit half of the bet. He or she can end the hand or can declare war with the dealer.
  • If one chooses to go to war against the dealer, the player has to double up their bet.
  • The dealer then has to “burn” three cards and deals out another card to each player as well as to the dealer.
  • When the player’s second card is equal or is higher to that of the dealer, then the player ends up winning the game.
  • The money that is won is the original bet amount only and not the doubled bet that was placed.
  • When the dealer’s second hand wins, then the player loses out on the initial bet as well as on the raise.
  • The side bet is an additional bet that can be made. As per the side bet, if the hand dealt is a tie then the player wins. Usually the side bet is placed at ten is to 1 which signifies that the chances of getting a tie is greatly undervalued. It is usually a sucker bet that mainly increases the house edge.
  • As per statistics, the chance of being dealt the same card as the dealer is 3 in 51 or 1 among 17.

Thus, Casino War is a simple game made different with varying strategies. One can easily pick up the nuances of the game and find one’s way around winning the game every time.

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