Common Draw Roulette

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The game of common draw roulette is also known as the common draw single zero roulette. The objective of the game is to predict the number slot where the roulette wheel will stop or where the ball will land as the wheel of the roulette stops spinning. The wheel is spun at definite intervals. Multiple players can make bets at the same time. The results of the game for everyone occur at the same time by the same spin. That is the objective of the game.

Many people ask the question why single zero? In European roulette, the wheel is marked with numbers from 1 to 36 and there is a zero as well. The numbers are alternately colored. The colors are red and black while the zero is green. When the ball lands on the zero, half of the even money bets which can be colored bets or even or odd, high or low bets are returned. The game is simple yet interesting. There are hardly any strategies involved and one simply has to be aware of the rules of the game. Once the rules are known, game can be easily played. You can play the game for free on our site. With interesting graphics and a great visual experience, you are sure to be hooked onto this game of chance.

So How Do You Start Playing?

  • One needs to click on the chip stack and select a bet amount as they desire.
  • The betting limits as well as payouts can be viewed as one moves their mouse over the card that is placed on the table and labeled Table Limits and Payouts.
  • There are higher credit denominations like 1K equals 1000, 1M equals 1000,000 and so forth. When one selects their bet amount, one needs to click on the area of the table where they would like to place their bet.
  • Then the appropriate chips will appear on the table accordingly.
  • If one wishes to remove the bets then the shift and the left click button will get all the bets on the table. The chips will disappear from the table also. There are undo or clear bets buttons for similar commands.

  • If one clicks on the repeat bets button then all the table bets get cleared from the previous spin of the wheel.
  • In such ways one can make bets upto ten seconds before the next draw begins.
  • Once one has placed their bets, they need to confirm their bets. One can place only one bet for one spin but multiple bet types can be availed of before submitting the same.
  • There is a message that appears which confirms one’s bets or whether they have been accepted. If one’s bet has been incorrectly placed, then one has to wait for the next spin again.

The common draw roulette draws in a lot of participation at our site. The game is simple yet addictive. One can have great fun playing in groups. So come and join the fun today.

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