Double Bonus Poker

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So how do you go about playing the Double Bonus Poker game? As with the Bonus Poker game, this too has its principles similar to the Jacks or Better game. It is now being seen to rival the Jacks or Better game in popularity. The offers increase in case of wins in this game. That is applicable for all four of a kind. There is a bigger payoff when one has four aces. The variance of the game is double that of Jacks or Better and one will find a Double Bonus in general. The game is seen as more volatile and one will experience more ups and downs in the game.

So How Do You Play The Full Pay Double Bonus Video Poker?

If one looks at the pay table one will realize the popularity of the game. The pay back of the full pay version is over 100% when the chances are 100.17%. This version can be identified when one looks at the pays for the full house, straight and flush which are at 10/7/5 respectively. When one plays the full play Royal Flush with five coins, then the payback is 4000. If one plays Straight Flush with five coins, then the return is 250. In case of Four Aces played with five coins, the return is 800 while the four 2 – 4 with 5 coins leads to a payback of 400. In such payback tables one can even find the percentage of likelihood of returns.

  • When you start playing the Double Bonus Poker game, the first task for one is to decide what is the amount that one wishes to wager.
  • Then one needs to click on the chips and insert the coins virtually in the video game slot machine.
  • Then the Deal button has to be pushed to get the cards dealt.
  • The game would have then officially begun with one being dealt five cards with their faces up.
  • You can choose your combinations as you wish
  • Pick and choose cards to keep or to discard.
  • Then one should press Draw in order to see what are the results.
  • The aim is to have the highest winning hand.
  • This single hand game is to be played with a deck of 52 cards
  • The bet amounts range from $0.05 to $5 chips

There are even special bonus round features offered called Double or Nothing. Here one gets to pick on a higher card. Thus, this game doubles the payout and hence, it is double the fun. There are even special payouts offered in case of four-of-a-kind hands. One can choose to play a single hand or take their chances at doubling the win at the Double or Nothing Round. Check out this exciting game at our site. We are sure that you will love the experience and will be coming back for more ever so often at our site which most of our customers do.

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