European Roulette

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Seen the way the roulette game is played and would love to try your hand at it? Instead of walking into a casino parlor and placing stakes with your money, why not try your hand at the online game version first? The roulette is a casino game that has been seeing a decline in popularity as the other games went digital. From slot machines to digital card games, everything found an online market in order to keep alive their following among gaming enthusiasts. The roulette game soon followed suit. Today, both the American roulette and the European roulette games are played online. It is comparatively easier to learn online than try the game for the first time at a casino. At our site you can get to try out the game for free. There are online guides which help one to know the order of playing the game. Once one has developed an expertise in the game, one can surprise every one at a lavish casino of a European resort.

Highlights Of Playing The European Roulette

  • The European roulette game is a single zero game. It has many attractive expectations about winning. That is the main attraction of the game.
  •  The house edge of the game is 2.6 percent. That is a conservative margin when compared to the American roulette.
  • The payouts of the game vary. They can be money where the bets are the maximum, from 35 to 1.

The European roulette is an easy game to play. The online game is played the following way.

  • Initially the player needs to choose the chips which can be one, two, twenty five or hundred dollar denominations.
  • One simply needs to click on the left and choose the colored chips lying on the table.
  • One makes a bet by choosing a betting area on the table. Here the chips are placed. That is done by the left click of the mouse. The chips are placed many times on the chosen area by clicking on the area many times.
  • Then the wheel is made to spin. The spin button on the gaming software will start the virtual spinning of the wheel.
  • The other options are “clear” to cancel a bet and “rebet” to repeat the previously placed bet again. The game needs to be started over when one chooses the “restart” button.

The European Roulette game is played by the help of the mouse only. All one needs to do is choose the chips by left clicking the mouse. Then one needs to choose the betting area on the game table and that is also done with the aid of the mouse. Most of the game can be played by the click of a button. No wonder then that roulette games are seeing a rise in popularity again. One needs to understand the rules of the game fully to start playing. The roulette games are easier to understand and play and hence their popularity among modern players today. If you wish to learn about this game, do come and visit our site.

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