Five Draw Poker

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Five Draw Poker is a game that you will greatly benefit of when you know the right strategies of playing it. It is a game that is easy to learn. One can try the game at our site. You are free to test your skills for free or for money. Come online and put your poker playing skills to the test.

When learning to play poker for real, you need to be armed with poker chips, playing cards and a card table. What is more, you need to know your cards. The values of the cards as they are usually considered should be known in advance to learning to play poker. The value of the cards increase in order, from 2, 3 to 10 and then comes Jack, Queen, King and Ace. In straights the Ace can be used as the lowest card as well. There are again definitions as well as values of different kinds of cards. From one pair to two pairs, three of a kind, straight, full house, flush, four of a kind, royal flush, straight flush and others.  Also, when two players have similar hands then the one with cards of higher value win. There is the concept of ante that one should understand as well. It is the initial bet made by everyone. Raising means matching the bet of a previous player and adding more money to increase the bet. Folding is when one lays down the cards on the table and forfeits their hand. Calling is matching the bet of the previous player.

The following steps are followed when one is playing five draw poker:

  • All the players need to place their ante in the common pot.
  • Each of the player is dealt out five cards.
  • The player in the dealer’s left either bets or passes. When the player passes, then the play is deferred to the player who is on the left. The next player in turn can either bet or pass. Whenever a player passes his round, the cards are gathered. Ante is done again and the player to the dealer’s left is asked to deal out a fresh hand.
  • The subsequent players then either call or raise, fold after a player opens his or her hand by betting.
  • Once each of the players has either placed a bet or folded their hands, one is given the option to exchange cards that are of equal number from the top of the deck.
  • Another round of betting is started and every player either exchanges their cards or stays.
  • The player who has the highest hand can take all the poker chips that are in the pot.

In such ways the Five Draw Poker game is played. To get playing, visit our online gaming site. You are sure to enjoy playing virtually or for real money. It will help you to develop your skills for the game for sure.

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