Mad Scientist Slots

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Mad scientist is a slot game, and it is also called a fruit game. As you all know, this game requires a special software system. BetSoft Company developed the sunning software of this fruit game. Like most of their modern games, mad scientist is also a 5 reel game. You can play and win big amount of money, if your luck is up. There are both minimum and maximum bet amounts. A minimum amount of 0.05 Dollars are required per row. If you want to set maximum bet amount, you have to spend 1$ per pay line. This is one of the most affordable casino games for you. You can earn a lot of money by playing this jackpot game.

Play Mad Scientist 3D

When you play the 3d reel game Mad Scientist You will find a lot of symbols and signs. You cannot play effortlessly, if you don’t know the actual meaning of these symbols. It is quite easy to play this game, after analyzing the symbols. Crystal ball, flask, and microscope are some of the most frequent symbols in mad scientist. Symbols like danger sign, temperature gauge, and chalkboard can be identified easily. The symbol of chalkboard is often used as wild symbol. You can use this black board symbol, to represent any available symbols. It will act like a joker card.

More About Mad Scientist

The 3D slot game mad scientist is extremely easy and simple, if you know how to play it. You cannot use the wild symbol to represent bonus symbols. There will be many special and bonus symbols in a game. These symbols can provide extra spins and money. Most of the 3D slot games contain numerous bonus symbols with low payouts. This will force the player, to continue playing. However, in a long run, the house will take you. Some features in mad scientist can help you from dangerous losses.

Mad Scientist Bonuses

Unlike other games, mad scientist contains fewer number of bonus symbols. However, these symbols can provide huge amount of money, if you managed to hit one. It will help you to create a custom game plan. So, when you win, you win big. Online version of mad scientist 3D is also available for you. You can either use the help of a third party web site, or directly download the game. It will be better to download the game from reliable web sites. If you are not clear about the reliability, just use any random web site, to play the game.

Winning Probability

Casino games are all about luck. Mad scientist can help you to win a lot of money. Even if the symbols are not in row, you will get your profit from bonuses. Limited number of bonus symbols with a high payout is extremely helpful for users. You can search the internet, to learn about the plot of this game. It will help you to enjoy and stay focused in mad scientist casino game.

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