Oasis Poker

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Most of the poker games are common to those who are adept at playing poker. Most of the experienced players dabble in the difficult poker games and spend hours planning different strategies for their moves. If you wish to play a straight forward game and would love to have a good time, then Oasis Poker is the right game for you. One can relax and plan their strategy in this game. They can bide their time and then take advantage of their chances. The great online interface of the game on our site allows you to enjoy the game as if you were playing for real. With soothing background music, the atmosphere of a swanky bar experience is created. The game has a classy vibe which is created just right by our game interface.

Easy Instructions To Play Oasis Poker:

If you have not tried playing Oasis poker before, no fear. The easy instructions that our game provides will allow anyone to become familiar with this table game.

  • The game begins by one player making an ante bet.
  • The dealer and the player then receive a five card hand each.
  •  The dealer’s cards are displayed to the player.
  • You need to decide whether to call in to the dealer or you can replace the cards that you are holding.
  • Every new card will cost the player an initial ante amount which the player needs to weigh carefully.
  •  The player can choose to fold their hands any time. When they call, there are three possible outcomes.
  • The first outcome is that the dealer does not qualify, especially if he or she does not have an ace or a king. In such a case the players receive the ante bet twice and then the call bet is pushed.
  • The second outcome is when the dealer qualifies but the player has a higher hand. Here the player receives the ante bet twice along with the call amount which is then referenced on the pay table.
  • The third outcome is when the dealer has the higher hand and hence the player loses the ante as well as the bet amount.

The game has its exciting moments. For instance, when the player is dealt an initial hand where he is a card or two away from attaining greatness. In such situations there is usually room for trying out different strategies. For instance, one can risk paying up the ante amount for every new card. Again, one needs to figure out whether the potential payout is worth it. Even if you have a great hand what if the dealer trumps you? These questions are important to ponder over when one is playing the Oasis poker game.

For knowing about more Oasis poker strategies, you will find many free online resources additional to our site. We welcome you to try this exciting poker game at our site and enjoy the virtual gaming experience that is created for you. The sounds, the lighting, the 3D effects will make you feel as if you have actually come out for a game night.

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