Pai Gow Poker

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Those who are adept at playing poker know about Pai Gow. It is derived from the Chinese Pai Gow game which is a domino game. When you play Pai Gow poker, it is usually played with a 53 card deck and that includes a joker. Usually the game is one on one where the player or players is pitted against the banker and each competes with the other in the best possible hands played. The game is a more relaxed form of poker and has a slow pace about it. The game usually results in a lot of ties. If you have a modest buy in it can last for a long time.

So how do you play the game? On our website you will get to play this table game for free. What’s more, there is live music accompaniment as well as a live casino bar feel which gets the players into the mood. With 3D effects and exciting prizes, one is sure to be hooked on. If you are unaware of the rules, then you can go through the rules section summarized below to brush up on your Pai Gow poker playing techniques.

The Playing Techniques Of The Game

  • The game starts by the wager being made.
  • The next step includes everyone receiving seven cards.
  • When the dice is rolled, the random generated number allows one to know which player will be given the first set of cards.
  • The seven cards in the hands of each player have to be arranged into a five card hand and a two card hand.
  • The five card hand is ranked as in all poker games. The A2345 combination is the second highest straight combination. The highest two card hand can be a pair of aces and the lowest one is that of 3-2.
  • Once each player has been dealt their hands, the banker then arranges his sets according to the fixed rules which are also known as the “house way”.

  • The player’s five card hand is compared to that of the banker’s and whoever has the higher hand wins.
  • Similarly the two card hand of the player and the banker is compared to see who is holding the higher combination. If the cards are an exact match then the round is called copy and the tie goes to the banker.
  • If the player is able to bat the banker with both hands, then the player wins lesser money and the commission reduced by five percent.
  • The push strategy consists of the player winning a round and then losing one. When the player loses both then he or she loses the entire wager. The player even has the option to pre pay the commission fee, for instance, betting for $105 in order to receive $100.

There are several other strategies involved in the game.  One can get to know all about them by looking up online resources. For enjoying this table game, all you need is log onto our website. You can enjoy the game for free and become an expert at Pai Gow poker.

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