Poker3 Heads Up Holdem

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The poker game of Poker3 Heads Up Holdem has gained popularity of late. That is mainly due to the fast animated software game that is now popular on many gaming portals. While in most places you might be charged a fee, on our site you get to play it for free. This game is a table game that consists of a single player. Thus, you can definitely try it in your leisure time. The fast paced poker game is gaining popularity on our site as many members are getting hooked to the game. The visual presentation and the 3D effects make the game come alive for all participants. Thus, you will be engrossed in the game and learning to play your hand better as you practice in repeated sessions. The cinematic graphics of our software will surely give you a viewing experience like no other. There are multi player options as well. The game does not require big files to be downloaded. All you need to do is log onto our site and start playing. This game is like poker on demand. One does not need to look for vacant tables and neither does one need to play with an opponent. Players can jump right in and enjoy all the fun and excitement of poker with the computer as the ever present opponent.

How The Software Version Is Played

  • In the software game, the Poker3 Heads Up Holdem has several dealers that one can choose from.
  •  The betting options are many and the chip sizes are as many as sixteen.
  • The game has a pre flop as well as flop turn, river bets and other characteristics to make the game complex and interesting.
  • In the wagering stage of the game, there are sixteen chips to choose from. It can be as low as .20 while the highest stake can be 500.00.
  • If all such terms are new to you, then you need to look up the different rules of the game before you plunge in. The simplest game to begin playing is the Poker 3 game.

  • The game software has the fold or the call button which need to be selected as required while the game is under way.
  • The game can be started in two easy steps. Initially you need to choose from four opponents or dealers. There is a man in a suit, a player with headphones, a player in sunglasses and a relaxed player.
  • Then you need to choose your chip size. The lowest level has six chip sizes while the medium and the highest level again has six chip sizes each.
  •  The denomination of the chip sizes vary as per the tables to be found in online guides.
  • The first step is the ante bet. Here the player or you will throw out your ante bet and the dealer will then throw in his ante bet.
  • Then the four cards are dealt. One is dealt to you and then one to the dealer, in that order.
  • If you like what you are holding, you can press the call button which will then generate another bet amount for you.
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