Red Dog

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Many are familiar with the red dog game which is termed as a banking game. Here the punters bet on the probability that the card in their hand is the same suit or higher than the card to be dealt from the pack of cards. The game is also termed as the high card pool. There are variations of the game which are Slippery Sam, Polished Red Dog, Shoot and others. If you are playing the Red Dog at our online site, you will be guided accordingly. Today many variations exist of this game and thus, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the game at our site before you begin. The card games are table games which are made interesting with the aid of graphics and animations that make one feel as if they are part of a game bar experience. If you have time to spare and would love to learn this game, then try the demo version first. The graphics and flash videos show you how to play the game and you will surely enjoy picking up this popular game by yourself.

Learning The Popular Red Dog Game

In the red dog or the high card pool game as it is sometimes known as, the 52 cards pack is standard.

  • The cards are ranked from ace to two being the lowest point.
  • The game can be played with three to eight players. The players take turns to be the dealer. The first dealer is chosen at random.
  • Before the deal is dealt, each player is required to put an equal stake in a common pot. This is termed the ante.
  •  Then five cards are dealt to each player. Once all cads are dealt the players look at their hands.
  • The player on the dealer’s left plays first. The game is conducted clockwise. The game ends with the dealer.
  • Every player gets the chance to bet. As one’s turn comes one can choose how much to bet. The bet must be equal to the amount of the ante at least. The bet may be as much as the entire pot amount. The stake of each player is placed next to the pot.

  • When one places the bet, the dealer has to take one card from the top of the deck.
  • Then he shows it to the players. It is added face up to the bottom of the deck. The cards are then dealt with one face up.
  • When one has a card in their hand which is of the same suit as the dealt card as well as is higher in rank, then one needs to show the card and take back the stake. The dealer is then given an equal amount out of the pot.

There are variations of the game as well. It is best to look into the different strategies and know which ones to deploy accordingly. One will certainly find the online strategies at our site helpful. The full pleasure of the game can then be enjoyed by the players.

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