Single Deck Blackjack

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The earliest card games models are played in china even before AD: 900. The French people invented some modern techniques in card games. They played a card game called ‘vingt et un’ or twenty one similar to Single Deck Blackjack. The people in Italy also had a game similar to black jack called “seven and a half”. All these primitive models contributed to black jack and helped it to become a world famous card game.

Today, Single Deck Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world.  Every famous casinos and gambling centers in the world has their own black jack decks and versions. Unlike most of the famous casino card games, the outcome of the blackjack game can be regulated by the player. You can determine your fortune up to a big extend. The dealer only obeys the written rules and cannot create his own decisions at any circumstances. You need to create a better strategy in order to win the blackjack game. It all depends upon luck, but you can easily win a black jack game using some of the following tips.

Manage Your Money And Plans

You have to understand the fact that, like every gambling game systems, black jack is also a game of luck. You need to create an emergency backup, when your luck goes bad. Money and strategy management can help you to win a Single Deck Blackjack game without busting. You have to decide whether to stand or call a card according to your own mind. You don’t have to depend upon the dealer’s card or body language in order to make a decision. You can also make your choice according to the rules of ‘positive progression system’. It will help you to get an idea about when to quit the game.

The Paroli System

This system can help you to decrease the chances of losing the bet, by implementing a ‘positive progression’ based strategy. In paroli system of playing Single Deck Blackjack, you start with one bet and increase the money step by step. You can avoid the chances of losing big amount of money by the improper betting. The paroli system is actually a defensive system of black jack playing, rather than attacking.

The Martingale Betting System

Systems like martingale betting system can effectively increase the amount of money generated from Single Deck Blackjack. It can help a player to manage their betting habits in a profitable way. It can beat the dealer in a long run. This system cannot reduce the possibilities of losing, but it can assure you a big profit at the end of the day. Even after a continuous series of losing, you will be able to get a profit by careful betting at one time. According to the martingale betting system, you have to make the same bet amount for a winning series.

Card Counting

The theory behind card counting in Single Deck Blackjack game is that a deck of cards rich in tens and Aces is good to the player rather than the dealer. If the deck is rich with tens and Aces, then the probability of busting is greater for dealers.

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