Super 7 Blackjack

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Super 7 Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world. We can play this game using eight standard decks of cards. The cards from rank 2 to 10 represent their corresponding number values. Other cards such as J, Q, and K represent a value of 10. Aces acts as a joker, and it can represent both 1 and 11 according to your game status. If you got an ace with face cards or point near 21, then it is a black jack. The total value of your card needs to be exactly 21 in order to hit a blackjack. Anything over 21 is a bust. You can win the bet, if you have a black jack. If both the player and dealer have a black jack, then the play is said to be tie or push. Unless ordinary games, you can get 3 to 2 for a black jack. All the other hand pays even money for a win.

Structure Of Black Jack

You can win the Super 7 Blackjack game by earning more points than the dealer. Be careful not to exceed 21 points. A player automatically busts after exceeding 21 and he cannot play further. 21-point hand is the maximum obtainable value, and hence this game also known as twenty-one. If both the player and dealer busts, then house wins the game.

Basics Of Black Jack

The first round of Super 7 Blackjack begins with a bet. Each player places a bet in the central circle of blackjack. The dealer will deliver two cards for every player including himself. Dealer delivers the cards of players in an upward style. One dealer card will be face-up and other will be face-down. You can almost smell the black jack, if the dealer card is ten or face. This possibility will give you time to rethink your blackjack strategy.

Safe Black Jack Game With Insurance

When you play the black jack card game, insurance and safety is offered along with the dealer’s Ace card. The concept of insurance is simple, and you are actually placing a bet for dealer’s blackjack. You can place a half bet in the insurance site near the Super 7 Blackjack table. You can get your bet back, in case the dealer settles for a black jack. This system enables a profitable betting plan according to the circumstances.

Stand And Hit

If you are happy with the cards, then you can ‘stand tap’. Two ways are there for you to express it. You can either wave your hand towards the dealer or tuck the cards under your bet in a face -down manner. If you are willing to continue your game until win or bust, then you can express it by ‘hit’ method. You can tap on the Super 7 Blackjack table with your finger or scuff your cards lightly against the felt, in order to express a hit. If you can hit black jack with one more card, it will be good to ‘double’ the bet. It simply means the doubling of your bet for getting extra money. This option is often applied for the first two cards. You need to place another bet next to the previous one in order to signify your bet.

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