Three Card Poker

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How about the three card poker game? Have you tried your hand at this game? If you are just starting out to learn the game, then we have a great online guide that can get you started. You do not need to feel intimidated by the poker game. If learnt properly, the game can be played well to one’s advantage. There are net versions of the game that you need to familiarize yourself with before trying out our online three card poker game. It is one of the most popular games of all times. The game may be simple but tactics are required to play it well. It can be played ingeniously and is addictive. The structure and flow of the game is such that it is more straight forward than other games. The speed of the game is faster than others. People get addicted to it and wish to play just another hand or round.  If you are unaware of how to play the game, learn the basics here before you begin.

Know The Game First

  • The player starts off by making two bets.
  • The first is an ante bet whose value can be between one and 40 while the pair up bet also needs to place at the same range.
  • The player as well as the dealer is dealt three card hands subsequently. You will then have two options. Either you can choose to fold or play.
  • When one chooses to fold, you will lose out on your ante bet. That is a pay bet equal amount to the amount that has been offered as ante. You will also lose the pair up bet if you choose to put one down.

  • If you choose to play, then you come up against the dealer. The dealer may have a queen or any card that is higher in order to beat you.
  • If you win then you take up the ante bet of the dealer. You also win the play bet which is equal to your ante bet as well as a pair up bet to be included in the game.
  • An interesting twist occurs in the game when the player is dealt a pair or a better hand. Then the pair up bet comes into play. If the player decides to wager to pair up a bet, or he or she is dealt a pair that is better than the dealer, then he or she stands to win the ante amount, double of the pair up value wagered as well as an amount equal to the wagered amount.

Thus, in this game the winnings simply keep adding up. The game is fun, less complicated than other variations of poker and can be addictive. Those who seem to come out with winning hands all the time find it hard to end the game. If one plays the game carefully, one will lose less and win more. With such stakes, the game is high in demand for playing on our site. Join now and enjoy the game for free.

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