Three Card Rummy

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The three card rummy game is also known as the Vegas 3 card rummy game. It is a game that many online gaming forums offer. Our forum makes the game unique and interesting. The 3D effects and the virtual gaming experience is such that you will not want to leave our table games. This card game is unique. At other times the game is played like the three card poker or the Blackjack. The scoring system of the game is such that one has to aim to accumulate minimum points. That is indeed an interesting variation. If you are intrigued, read on to find out more about the game. You can avail of our online guide to know about the basics of the game. The game does need a little getting used to at first. You need to play a couple of hands first in this game to know how addictive it can be. The points that can be racked up and how to keep them to a minimum is the trick. The game play is great and is extremely entertaining. The presentation of the game is made great with the help of graphics and music at the background. You will be transported to a serene atmosphere where you can play at ease.

Knowing the basics of the game:

The basics of the game should be known first.

  • One can begin the game by making an ante wager bet which can go upto $100. One has to add in a bonus amount which has to be of the same amount.
  • Even if you are playing on a gaming forum, you need to finalize your bet before you click on the deal button to receive your cards.
  • When the cards are received, you can opt for adding in the same amount as the ante and play the game out or you can choose to fold.
  • The dealer needs to have a sum of 20 or of a lower amount to qualify.
  • When the dealer qualifies and you are able to put together a lower scoring combination than that of the dealer, you will be able to win an amount that will be equal to that of the ante as well as the play bet.

  • These can be paid out as low as one is to one or as high as four is to one. That depends on your playing hand. When the bonus amount gets played out, one can put together a strong combination. When the dealer fails to qualify, then you get to win an amount which is equal to your ante bet. That is regardless of the cards in your hand.

Some gamers play for real money while others play for free. If you are new to the game and would like to try it out, you can try out the game on our forum for free. The guide and demo versions will allow you to know how to play out the game properly. Once you have gained enough of experience, you are ready to play with money and make some wins.

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